About Jan Rhodes

I provide an age appropriate developmental curriculum for the children I serve.  It is based on monthly themes, with books, songs, activities that support the monthly theme. The activities chosen are based on the skills and interests of the children.

       Examples of daily activities:

  • reading stories
  • block play
  • dress up and pretend play
  • playdough
  • crafts
  • painting on the easel
  • outside play
  • music and fingerplay


Toilet training:

Toilet training can be a part of your child's learning experience here.  Each child is ready to learn to use the toilet at different ages. Children need to be developmentally ready to learn this skill. This requires cooperation between parents and caregiver.  Parents must be willing to also toilet train in the home for this to be successful. 

It is expected that parents provide:

  • diapers
  • wipes
  • underwear
  • a change of clothing
  • a child size back pack

 Elastic waist bands in pants are perfect for children to handle independently and feel successful.  There is no extra charge for toilet training.

Clothing for activities: 

      Children at this age like messy activities. These kind of activities will be part of their day. Do not send your child in their best clothes.  Please provide a backpack with a second set of clothing to change into if he/she gets clothes soiled.  This includes underwear. 

The State of Nevada Child Care Licensing requires that soiled clothes(underwear included) be put in a plastic bag and returned to you in the backpack.